We had just pulled out of an awesome African buffalo sighting, watching them all drink at a water hole and play fighting with one another. To top it all off, the afternoon African sun was giving us the best possible light to get the perfect photographs ever.  So, after we left, it was definitely time to look for the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. All of a sudden we witnesses a kill … No this wasn’t a big predator taking down a Gnu or buffalo. It was something better, a large predatory bird called the Lizzard Buzzard killing another bird, a Red Billed Hornbill!
The Buzzard came down at such speed and force that it totally decapitated the poor Hornbill. The whole “kill” was over within seconds. The poor Hornbill never stood a chance. What an incredible sighting!
Story by: Calvin Du Plessis-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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