It was a beautiful afternoon for a game drive a few days ago. We have been very fortunate to see good game, all the while looking for the male lion of the pride. We knew he has been away from the pride for a few days marking his territory.

As the sun set over the African horizon, we stopped for something to drink. Just when everything was set up and everybody had drinks in hand, we heard the faint sound of a lion roaring. We packed up as quickly as we could and started south in the direction of the sound.

As we drove onto the dam wall of one of the dams, we numerously passed in our search of him. He was right there in our way lying on the dam wall. He didn’t seem to care about our presence as he again started to roar in our direction. The pure ferocity of the sound seemed to rip through our chests as we could only sit there in awe at the sight and sound of the scene playing out in front of us.

It was truly a breath taking experience! One I would gladly participate in again and never grow tired of. What an amazing place Africa is to live in…

Jacques Beukes – Kapama River Lodge

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