It was the last morning drive of my guests stay here at river lodge. On the previous few drives, we had been treated with amazing sightings and interactions, including a very relaxed leopard casually drinking water at a dwindling dam just a few meters from our vehicle, and our lion pride being chased away by an approaching elephant herd. However, we had not been able to find a nice rhino sighting on the previous couple of drives, only managing to see a couple big bums disappearing into the thick bush the day before. So we set out that morning to find some rhinos. After getting upon some fresh tracks, my tracker Michael and I followed them for quite some time in and out of a couple thick blocks. Eventually, Michael was determined that the tracks seemed to be heading to a watering hole not too far away. As we made our way towards the dam, we could see from a distance a rather nice collection of rhinos lazing around the water. It was the perfect completion to our safari, watching for 15 minutes as these magnificent animals quenched their thirst and had a couple mud baths on the water’s edge!

Story by Kevin (River Lodge)