As we departed from the lodge this morning we had only one intention and that was to find a male lion as there had not been a sighting for a few days now. I started driving off to the Southern part of the reserve looking for new tracks of the male lion. Luckily enough we sighted the tracks of both male and female lion. 

As we were busy discussing the tracks we came across three African Civets that seemed to still be quite young. We were very amazed to see these kind of animals and especially that they were so relaxed with us being there. They are quite abundant throughout the reserve, but remain in the  “not so often seen” catagory. Because of this we thought ourselves to be very lucky to find not one but three of them together, and that in broad daylight..!

Everyone was very excited at this point as the Civets vanished into the grass. We decided to carry on searching for lion tracks, and after about an hour and a half we spotted both the male and female lions together.  A perfect ending to an already amazing drive.

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