ber_1205While on drive the other afternoon our two large adult lionesses killed a fully grown zebra to feed themselves and the two new two month old cubs. A day later, they were still there, enjoying the fruit of their labors while the cubs wrestled, played, napped, and nursed. A full grown male lion can consume roughly 25 kg of meat at a sitting with females averaging about 15-18 kg. After consuming such vast quantities of protein most lions will take a rest and then head off for the nearest water. Having killed the zebra on the banks of one of our larger dams, the lionesses, with cubs in tow, indeed headed straight for the water but were acting quite nervous and alert and kept backing away. We pulled forward to try and get a better visual as they went back and forth in the bush when we noticed a three meter crocodile lounging at the waters edge. A croc that large and with cubs around is enough for any mother to become nervous and abort any attempt for a quenching drink. One lioness kept watch on the rather large reptile while the other herded the cubs farther up the banks to safety. A crocodile can launch itself about twice its own body length and has the ability to feel/hear ripples of animals lapping water from quite a distance.

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