Last night we set out on safari with two honeymooners from the USA who were very exited about their first safari in the African wilderness. After viewing some buffalo and rhino we followed a lioness with her three cubs until they eventually met up with the dominant male lion in this section of the reserve. He was feasting on an impala kill with a crash of rhino not too far away.

The rhino’s though, were not at all perturbed by the presence of the cats. The cubs got more and more bold as the time went on and started stalking the rhino at which point they got annoyed and moved into the inflow of a nearby dam. As they came to the edge of the water the lions spread out into a triangular formation, but as soon as the rhinos turned around they scampered away quite hastily. All this to the deafening roars of the male lion only ten metres away.  We left eventually, knowing this was just one of those very memorable moments on safari.

Sebastiaan Jansen Van Vuuren – Ranger, Main Lodge