My game drive starts at morning tea that’s when I start the day with a glass of juice then while all the rangers are sitting deciding what is on the menu for drive its then when we decide what animals and in the different parts of the reserve each ranger will be driving.dsc_0043

After the tea in the morning we then set out to the vehicles all the guests decide where they are going to sit and get heated up by the blankets then we set off on the road by this time we know where we are going so the only thing that stops us from getting there is the spotting of any game along the way. This part is what game drives are made of, this part is where the most of the questions are asked and answered. During this section of the drive is another important part this is finding traces of what we are looking for. This means tracks, scrapings on the road maybe birds calling, squirrels crying or even vultures circling in the sky this takes a great deal of concentration and skill.

About halfway through the drive we then stop for a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate this is normally complimented by a rust (this is a hard sweet crisp bread) perfect for dipping into your drink. This is when every tree becomes a lavatory and the legs can have a bit of a stretch.

After the coffee we return to the road and keep trying to find the animals. By this time its normally a bit warmer and the animals are either laying in the shade of the trees or still moving a bit. In this part of the drive we normally find the one we looking for, always a bit of excitement here.

After a great sighting we take a slow drive back towards the lodge where there is a good hearty breakfast waiting. Then there is time to relax and build up the excitement for the next drive in the afternoon.

From me Brett enjoy your day and see you in the bush

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