The sightings at Kapama have been fantastic the last few days. We also have been blessed with two new calves in the game reserve. I was lucky enough to see our brand new rhino calf about three days ago; the little guy is about two weeks old now. The poor little guy is still trying to get used to his long legs as well as his new surroundings. There are so many new things for a youngster to get used to when they first arrive in the world. From the new smells to the predators they have to beware of.

I also had the opportunity to see our newest little addition to the elephant population; the little one is too small for us to even identify the sex yet. It’s fantastic to see how elephants come together as a family unit when there is a new addition. My sighting ended with thirty elephants huddled around there new play toy with the sun setting in the back round, all I can say is gorgeous.

Darren Roux – Kapama River Lodge

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