Every ranger has their preference of where and when to go out on a safari. I prefer to drive in the mornings and since it is becoming summer, the days are getting warmer. Therefore, I like to drive along some dams or waterholes.

There are many different animals that are active at night, but in some cases, even more that are active during the day – for example, more plains game. On one morning drive, my tracker and I were searching for some fresh tracks of buffalo and rhinos.

At one of the dams, there were a few hippos. While watching them, one of the guests had a look around with their binoculars and saw two water monitors fighting. Once we got a bit closer, we realized that this was not the case. The water monitor was trying to kill a Mozambique Spitting Cobra. It took the monitor a long time as these snakes get quite large and are very strong.

Luckily for the monitor, they are immune to the intoxicating venom of this cobra. It also has very tough skin which makes it difficult for the snake’s fangs to penetrate through it. Since this day, I’ve got a new found respect for the water monitor.

This day had turned out quite well, even though we did not find what we originally started looking for.

Harry – Kapama River Lodge

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