With all the rains in the last couple weeks, we haven’t been able to drive off-road for quite a while. Asides from many vehicles getting potentially stuck, going off road in these wet conditions is extremely damaging to the soil and environment, and so we have to avoid it. While we understand the reasons, it isn’t always easy to accept as finding animals becomes a bit more challenging, and when we do see them they’re often in the thick bush.

This had been the case for the last couple of days with my guests while trying to find lions. It was the last morning drive of their safari, and while we’d managed to find a big male lion and then three females on earlier drives, we hadn’t been able to see more than a face lying down in the grass.

Towards the end of the drive, after finding our big lion pride once sleeping in the grass, it seemed we would be left wanting more again. Our patience, however, was richly rewarded when three of the lionesses got up and started to walk in front of our car. They were quickly followed by the cubs, who all stopped to have a drink of water in a puddle right next to the road. Soon after, they did what lions do best and went back to sleep. Getting to see them up and about and drinking right next to the car, it was definitely a special way for my guests to end a great stay.

Kevin – Kapama River Lodge

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