Today was one of those typical days that reminded me of just how lucky I am to be doing one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs in the world!
My office has a different setup day after day and where most would complain about being stuck in the early morning in rush hour traffic, I can only be privileged to be stuck behind a herd of zebra or to watch a pride of hunting lions walking down the gravel road looking for their next meal.
This evening on safari we found a beautiful leopard mother with her two cubs on a warthog kill. The mother was comfortable with us in the area and while she was feeding we sat and watched her two little ones playing in the long grass just behind us.
After the sun completely went down we found a pride of lions. We followed them down the road to see them also kill and take down a large warthog boar.
Life in the bush is definitely a “eat or be eaten” game and by far not for the faint of hearted.
Wayne – River Lodge

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