We went out for a game drive today and what a great time we had.

In the first hour we were treated to a wide variety of plains game.

The game drive took us to a point where we were looking for rhinos that went into the block but no luck. The afternoon light was fading so we decided to stop for sundowners.  After the brake we received an update that there was a leopard sighting not too far from where we were stopped, we packed up in a hurry and made our way .  When we got to the sighting everyone was awe struck by this beautiful creature. Lady luck had treated us to a wonderful sighting but unfortunately left us stranded with a flat tire not more than fifteen meters from the cat with nowhere to go, so we waited for the right time to make plan to change the tire.  After twenty minutes I decided to take a chance, with the cat being on the other side of the game viewer , I was able to change the tire using the vehicle for cover. It was the fastest  tire change I’ve ever done, call it brave call it stupid all I know is that the guests  were as concerned for my safety as I was.

In the end all went well with the assistance of the team keeping a good look out and the leopard deciding this was not for her she decided to move off I could finish and we returned back to camp in time for dinner.

Story by: Frikkie Kotze-Kapama River Lodge

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