Great leopard sightings for the month, left us with some magnificent photo opportunities.

November we had about 36 separate leopard sightings on Kapama. From these sighting, 6 different Leopards (without the cubs) was individually identified using spot pattern variation. These characters ranged from number and spacing of muzzle spots to the forehead and eye patterns. 

One of the Leopards that we have seen is a female with the 2 remaining cubs that is about 4 months old, most of the sightings were around Karula.  This female and her cubs provided some great photo opportunities and the cubs are completely relaxed with the game drive vehicles. Hopefully these cubs will remain in the area and stay as relaxed as they are now.

Another female with 2 cubs been seen around River Lodge and to the north of the lodge. Toward the end of the month her young male cub was not seen frequently and this may simply be due to the thick vegetation after the first rains.

A resident big tom leopard has been seen a couple of times and also one morning with one of the females with her two young cubs. We also had a couple of great sighting of two young males, one that spends his time in the North of the reserve and was also seen with one of the females, possibly mating. The other one regularly seen in the south of Kapama tends to be shyer.

Another female leopard was regularly seen in the middle of the reserve. Sightings were more challenging and photo opportunities not great at all times due to the thick vegetation and many gullies rather than any nervousness on her part.

A great way to end November and start December.

Mike Kirkman- Kapama Karula, Senior Ranger

Photos by- Andries Jamneck

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