This morning we had one of those drives where we were treated to a spectacular scene at Klein Kariba dam. We came across a herd of about 50 Buffalo and a “crash” of  7 Rhino cooling themselves in the water and mud around the dam. White Rhino and Buffal0 have similar requirements and are often seen together at waterholes or clearings, grazing side by side.

Interaction between Buffalo and Rhino can mostly be described as being “comical” with either the Rhino playfully chasing after the Buffalo or  were the Buffalo “spook” the Rhino into a backing run. Aggressive encounters between these two species is quite rare but can occur under stressful conditions i.e a severe drought where the competition for water or mud could lead to a fight between them.

Luckily such instances are rare, and normally they go their separate ways quite peacefully and allow us quite close to them to have a look.

Westley Lombard

Ranger – Kapama Main Lodge

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