Like every year, we went through the winter season here on Kapama Private Game Reserve. There is always enough natural feed and water for all the animals on the reserve, but we were all a little bit worried in the beginning of the summer season which is our rainfall season. The days were not as warm as we would expect and the little bit of rain we had wasn’t enough at the time. Then the days got warmer, water evaporated and the water sights appear to dry up. What can we do if the rain doesn’t come? Will there be enough water for the animals to drink?

Once again nature showed us that it always takes care of itself; during the last week we had more than enough rain. The water sights are full and the bushveld is green. All of this makes the behavior of the animals change. They are like little kids that have a new toy, running around, making funny noises and chase each other around. All of this will be enough to pull them through the next year, the same way it has done in the past. There will be enough food and water for the animals now. There will be enough for the whole ecosystem for that matter. New born will take action and the variety of healthy genetic pools will keep on growing stronger. The balance of nature on Kapama Private Game Reserve is just in place.

The first morning after the good rain, the sunrise was beautiful. As I looked upon the Drakensberg mountain range, I thought to myself, we can do just what we want, but we can not make beauty like this, we do not have the power to create nature or make it more perfect than what it already is. We should respect nature because it is more than what we will ever be.

I thank you Lord for opening my eyes.

Janco Du Plessis – Kapama River Lodge

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