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Always something different

The past few days have been a lot of fun. To start, in about an hour of our game drive, we saw a beautiful female cheetah drinking water at a close-by mud pan. While viewing her, out of the blue, far off the road, 3 lionesses were making their way towards us. Sadly...

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Frustration ends with a smile

It was the last morning drive of my guests’ two night stay here at Kapama River Lodge. We had been quite spoiled the previous three drives with a couple of really nice lion sightings and even the elusive leopard walking slowly down the road the night before. All we...

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Communication between animals

Unlike with humans, animals don’t have the ability to speak with each other, so animals communicate in their own special way using sounds, scent, visual display, touch, or other sensory signals. Typically, one signal only has one meaning; unlike with humans which can...

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The secret seven

This afternoon on game drive we had a beautiful sighting of a very rare and seldom-seen animal called a serval. We were able to observe the serval as it was scanning the long grass looking for some of its favorite food which includes small rodents like field mice and...

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The start

When arriving back from a week’s leave, I am always excited to get started with my first game drive for the month. So I took my new group of guests out with a large amount of enthusiasm. As we drove along we found some fresh lion tracks and decided to follow them. We...

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The Surprise

I got new guests one day and the first thing they asked me was “will we see a leopard?”. I replied and said that it is possible but I cannot give the odds of seeing one. They understood that the chances were slim but nevertheless, we saw some of our plains game such...

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Drive to remember

We set out on game drive this afternoon knowing that there was a leopard spotted earlier the day, so my plan was to go there before all the traffic starts so that we could see if he is still around and enjoy the sighting. So on our way there we come across what we...

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Uses for the Buffalo Thorn

Buffalo thorn Ziziphus mucronata This tree is implemented in various cultural rituals and beliefs. It is also a very useful tree; most of the plant can be used in one way or another. I will share some of these uses with you: • Trees are planted around homesteads for...

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Battle of the Giants

On a beautiful clear and pleasant afternoon on Kapama Game Reserve we had an epic sighting building up which culminated the moment we arrived. My guests and I found  a big bull Elephant bull (around 30 years of age) and a younger bull (possibly late teens) having a...

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Zebra / Oxpecker Interaction

On our afternoon game drive the other day we came across a herd of Zebra and some Oxpecker birds. A herd of Zebra normally comprises of the dominant stallion and his harem of females or mares and their foals. This particular herd had a very young foal of less than a...

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Most guests visits wildlife areas to see all the large animals you may find and maybe some of the smaller creatures that are easily seen. One of the small ones most people miss however is the Ticks. Ticks belong to  the Arachnid family and there are millions of them...

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Leopard vs Lions

One morning my guests asked to leave half an hour earlier so we left at 06:30am. After driving for about 30 minutes we found some fresh rhino tracks and decided to follow them. After following for a while, we found lion tracks on top of the fresh rhino tracks – the...

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We set out this afternoon needing two of the big five to call it a done deal; the rhino and the famous Leopard. I knew of a leopard that was seen earlier on during the day on a kill so I thought we should go out a little sooner than usual. As we got to the area where...

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A story about owls

Owls are birds of prey, meaning that they actively hunt live prey such as smaller birds, reptiles, small mammals and so on using very unique adaptations that set them aside from any other of the bird families. Exceptional eyesight and superb hearing is two of the...

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Marula Season

It is Marula time in the Lowveld and everywhere you look you can see the Marula trees and fruit lying on the ground. Marula fruit is well known in South Africa and the delicious taste of Marula fruit reflects its origins as the "food of kings." Marula fruit has up to...

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Lucky rainy weather

With all the rains in the last couple weeks, we haven't been able to drive off-road for quite a while. Asides from many vehicles getting potentially stuck, going off road in these wet conditions is extremely damaging to the soil and environment, and so we have to...

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Kapama welcomes you

Over the last month, we have had some amazing and memorable sightings. Especially of three new young male leopards. Originally, our leopard sightings were short-lived and mostly of female leopards. However, with these new additions to our Kapama family, we have been...

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Life lessons

On drive this afternoon, we decided that we wanted to follow up on our resident pride of lions that are known as the southern pride. We made our way to the area where they had last been seen and on our way to that area, we had a lot of wonderful sightings of plains...

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