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This afternoon

We left on this afternoon’s game drive a little earlier to start our search for animals. The first animals we saw were six warthogs eating and rolling around in the mud. It was quite entertaining and my guests took great photos. As we carried on, we came across some...

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A different focus

It all started one afternoon at 16:30 – the time that everyone looks forward to where we go out into the bush and look for animals. It was my guests’ first drive here on Kapama and on the first drive, I like to keep the sightings focused on the general game –...

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To learn and experience

Being on a safari is always an adventure that any person in the world would love to experience. I like to see myself as a ranger, as a reader of the book of the bush, seeing as it is my job, not only to find and show guests the animals they want, but also to explain...

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An unfamiliar visitor

On some Game drive’s we tend to see leopards. This is not a frequent sighting because of this beautiful creature’s shy and elusive behavior, therefore, it is always a bonus and a pleasure to spot one. Every time I see a leopard is like seeing it for the first time and...

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A good day of tracking

We left the lodge round about 4:30pm and we decided to drive in the North-Western side of the reserve to see if we can find the elusive leopard. We drove around looking for any fresh signs of this cat but instead we found some rhino tracks and they were very fresh,...

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The early morning unexpected find

This morning when I woke up, I walked to my cruiser ready for game drive and I heard the big male lion roar not far from River Lodge. When I got to the lodge and met my guests, all excited, I told them they must get into the vehicle so that we can go and look for...

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There are thousands of reasons why I love the Bushveld, and this day was another reminder of how nice a day out on safari really can be. The first few drives were nice and quiet; we saw some really nice birds, rodents, insects, amphibians and plains game, but none of...

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Baby Elephant Walk

This morning while out on safari, Moses my tracker, picked up very fresh spoor of Elephants. We decided to try and find these mighty beast of the wild. After a good hours' tracking and predicting we found a small satellite breeding herd with a few juveniles, sub...

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Wallowing… Why?

During the rainy season we find lots of little pools of water all over the reserve. Obviously this provides lots of water for a myriad of animals to wallow and cool down in. As humans we would probably pay lots of money for these "mud treatments" in a health spa,...

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Back from hibernation

After all the blessings of the rain that we had, our reptiles were hidden and the hippopotamus migrated from the big dams to smaller dams. In addition, it was not easy to see crocodiles anymore. But luckily the rain has subsided so the animals are returning to their...

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Female Buffalo vs Male Lion

We set out this afternoon on safari, big 5 already completed. So I thought this would be a good time to spend some time showing my guests the smaller things in Africa like tracks, dung, some trees and their medical uses, etc. This all was a lot of fun. As we had some...

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The power of the Rains Down in Africa

As many of you know there have been heavy rains down here in the Hoedspruit area over the last week. While not quite as intense as last year's rain around this time which caused major flooding and damage - with only about half the amount of rainfall this time round -...

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The Mozambique Spitting Cobra

The Mozambique spitting cobra is one of the most common cobras in the savanna region, often found near water. This cobra’s diet mainly consists of frogs and toads, other snakes, birds, eggs, small mammals, and even insects occasionally. It is considered one of the...

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What a good night

Our guests were only staying for 1 night and myself and Steven (my tracker) were under a little bit of pressure to find them the animals that they wanted to see. We started by looking for some elephants and went to the area were they were last seen on the morning...

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Lion Surprise

We decided in the afternoon to try look for the pride of lions that hadn’t been seen for a few days as they were last seen in a new area in the reserve called lerato. It has only been open for the past month so it is hard to tell where you are; we all are still...

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Like every year, we went through the winter season here on Kapama Private Game Reserve. There is always enough natural feed and water for all the animals on the reserve, but we were all a little bit worried in the beginning of the summer season which is our rainfall...

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An unexpected surprise

On Sunday afternoon I set out on game drive with my guests not knowing what I would or could find in the heavy rain. It was not ordinary rain either; this was proper African rain, pouring as if it would not stop. So we drove down a few roads trying to find some...

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Early mornings in Africa

One is never really certain what to expect out of a morning safari at Kapama. It all started off with us going to the area where the pride of lions was last seen. On our way we see the male lion tracks going one way accompanied by one female and the rest of the prides...

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