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Unforgettable drive

Wow! Last night was truly an amazing night. My guests and I were following up on a big male leopard for at least half an hour before we found our first fresh leopard tracks and started to follow them right away. After about fifteen minutes we see this big male leopard...

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My first

It's nearing midnight here at River Lodge, and I'm waiting for the last of our guests to go to sleep for the night. Seems like it might be a while still, as there are quite a few people sitting around the bar talking about the day's events and what everyone saw on...

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The afternoon

It all started one afternoon; we left the lodge at 4:30pm. It was my guests’ first safari in Africa so we stopped at all the smaller things such as impala and their new babies. As we went on I heard on the radio that they had found a leopard lying on top of a termite...

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Appreciate the smaller things

Most visitors to Kapama have been sold by the idea of seeing the Big 5. But what most guests don’t realize is that there is a lot more to a game drive than seeing the “Big 5”. The smaller animals and even the plants can be just as interesting and sometimes even more...

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Going into the new year with open arms

The year has almost come to an end and what a year Kapama has had. Just looking at the last few weeks there have been so many wonderful things that have happened on the reserve, from the birth of a new elephant calf to the addition of a new 800 hectares piece of land...

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The Spotted Hyena

Hyenas generally live in family groups, or clans, led by a dominant adult female. The clan sizes can vary from three up to about fifteen individuals living within a defended territory marked by communal scat or dung middens. Another way of marking their territory is...

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Honey badger

On safari this afternoon we set out from camp with the plan of looking for lions. On our way to the area where the lions were last seen, we went around a bend and bumped in to a pair of honey badgers. Honey badgers are very interesting and secretive animals. I will...

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A little snack

We set out this afternoon like any other day, not really knowing what to expect out of the African bush. As we left the lodge we ran into some fresh rhino tracks so we started following them. After about 20 minutes of walking, my tracker called me to say he has got...

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The world of a leopard

Many guests come to Africa with the expectation to see a leopard. What they do not realize is that the leopard is one of the most elusive and secretive animals in the wild. However, we do try to find them one. I had guests that were staying at River Lodge for four...

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Good things come to those who wait

In the morning game drive we saw a lot of different antelopes grazing is a nice open area. What took our attention was the two male impala that were fighting. At this time of the year this kind of battle is rare; they usually occur in April. As the fight went on we...

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“Flying ants”

What causes “flying ants” to come out? Most people would know these winged creatures as flying ants, but in fact they are winged termites, “also referred to as the reproductive caste”. Winged termites emerge after rain in large numbers from holes in the soil through...

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History unfolding

Once again, history is unfolding in front of us. Over the last few days the elephants have moved from the far east to the far west of the reserve. We could not understand this behaviour. Nevertheless, they stopped in an area after this ‘migration’ and stayed there for...

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Life in the bushveld

Life out in the Bushveld is still as rewarding as ever. Just today I had yet another amazing game drive. My hope was to find the elephants and the pride of lions and we were lucky enough to do just that. We had amazing sightings of both animals. The elephants just...

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The famous cheetah brothers of Kapama

We set out early this morning as always, not knowing what to expect for the day as Africa can be unpredictable some days. The main focus for the day was finding some cheetahs. We knew that this was going to be very hard as they were seen the previous day in a certain...

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Closer is Better

Having the privilege of working on a Game reserve gives you and the guests the advantage of getting closer to the animals with your 4x4 vehicle. It’s always great whenever your guests are as excited as yourself when a Lion roars 10 metres away from your eardrum or an...

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The differences between White & Black Rhinos

Often on safari when we have sightings of rhinos, the most frequently asked question is: “What are the differences between the white and black rhinos?” White / Square-lipped rhino (Ceratotherium simum): They are the second largest African land mammal, weighing up to...

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The life of a Leopard

We talk so much about the beautiful animal and we write about it, but why do we go on about this animal when we have found or seen it? Personally I have a very soft spot for this animal. It is known as one of the most dangerous predators to come across on foot in...

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Playful times

Thanks to the rainy season, a lot of the animals seem more playful than usual. As we were searching for animals in the rain, we found tracking quite difficult. All the fresh tracks were covered by the rain, therefore, it is difficult to tell the difference between...

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