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Lights in the sky

Third safari and only one left of the big five to go. As usual, the only things we have left to see are those two elusive cats, the lion and leopard. The sun has been burning down, keeping all that moves in shadows of trees, big and small. Starting the safari we had...

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Silver Lining

Going on safari means looking for wild animals and sometimes we focus on the more elusive animals such as leopards. As we started our afternoon safari, it was a good day and everyone was feeling good about the drive. However, as we looked to the mountains we saw some...

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Fun in the mud

It has been raining for the last three days and warthogs have been running around from one mud pool to another. They do this to cover their skin to get rid of the ticks and parasites, as well as to cool themselves down. It was so impressive and exciting to see the...

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The struggle for cheetahs

I was determined to show my guests some cheetahs – two males that walk together on the reserve. My tracker and I know which area they like so we made our way. We found some tracks and followed them until they went into a big block. We went around to check if they had...

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A night with a clan

It is always rewarding to find a family of animals all together such as hyenas. Driving at night, looking for something special to show your guests is not always easy. So as a ranger and a tracker, we are always on the lookout for that special thing. On this night, we...

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Lessons in life

It started off as any other game drive would; giraffes gracefully moving through the bush and nibbling the leaves of carefully selected trees; impalas dashing across the road and jumping high as if chased by demons; duiker trying to remain unnoticed in the undergrowth...

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What started as a quiet drive

A safari is something where one can expect the unexpected. Many of our customers believe that going out on a safari means that you will see many animals but this is not always the case. On this day, it was a very quiet drive – we did not even see an impala. At last we...

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A pleasant drive

It was a beautiful afternoon and evening on safari and we stopped at one of my favourite big dams to look at some of the very unique animals that usually gather around this watering area. As we arrived at the dam we were greeted by a herd of old buffalo bulls also...

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Worth the wait

Spotted hyenas are a rare occurrence in Kapama. They are extremely shy animals and if they are sighted, it is usually a quick run across the road. My guests had been with us for two nights already and had been extremely lucky – they had seen the whole Big Five, as...

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The chase

On one of my game drives with my guests, I had responded to a sighting of a pride of lions. Unfortunately, when I arrived they had lost visual. Determined to show my guests these lions, I stayed in the area to try and relocate. As I was driving in the bush, I saw some...

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Pouring rain

The rain decided to bucket down onto the thirsty African soils this afternoon. I had a handful of brave guests and we braved the cold weather and slippery roads to see what we could find. As expected in this weather, the drive started of quietly, until a couple of...

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Lonely lion

It was a beautiful afternoon for a game drive a few days ago. We have been very fortunate to see good game, all the while looking for the male lion of the pride. We knew he has been away from the pride for a few days marking his territory. As the sun set over the...

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True beauty of the bush

On safari in Africa people tend to focus a lot on the animals that are notorious, especially the “Big 5”. True, they do play a major part of the safari experience and do attract all of us to the bush. But we tend to forget about the smaller things, living and...

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Vulnerable species

With our departure on our morning game drive there was a cool chill in the air. All the animals were slowly getting more active as we were treated to seeing a beautiful African sunrise. Not far from the lodge we came across two very special and interesting birds...

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Searching for the “cherry on top”

By my guests’ third night staying at Kapama, they had seen almost everything they wanted to see – Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Lions, as well as Cheetahs. So my tracker, Alfred, and I decided to focus on finding a leopard for them on their last night drive. As we went...

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In our late afternoon game drive, when the Fork-tailed Drongos are trying to get their last few insects for the day, we were looking for a nice spot for sundowners. Just before it got dark, we saw a black-backed jackal sniffing around at a termite mound that was being...

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New insight

Every ranger has their preference of where and when to go out on a safari. I prefer to drive in the mornings and since it is becoming summer, the days are getting warmer. Therefore, I like to drive along some dams or waterholes. There are many different animals that...

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Giant African Millipede

The Giant African Millipede is a rather common resident in most gardens, cities and Game Reserves mostly seen after or before rains. This is mostly due to the fact that they lack the waxy outer layer on their exoskeletons and in dry conditions lose much of their water...

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