A few months ago we posted a piece on pangolins, those ever elusive creatures that every guide still wants to see, or has seen once and will recount the tale over and over again. In the months since that post only two have been spotted; the most recent sighting being the other night. After a fantastic viewing of some of our lions, Patrick, one of our veteran guides, was leaving the lions on his way back to the lodge and there, in the open, was a pangolin. Due to the rarity of these beautiful creatures, he immediately alerted the other guides on drive and multiple guests were treated to a mammal “Lifer.” A Lifer is most often used for Birders, or Twitchers as they are most commonly called, but in the case of the pangolin, the term is quite appropriate as one may never see this beautiful and interesting mammal again. Now guests from the world over, and several rangers, will be telling the story of their pangolin sighting at Kapama for years to come.

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