On one of my evening drives, the animals were not so active. Even though it started off quiet, we still kept on searching. Eventually we found two big lions walking in the road, one male and one female and we decided to follow them as they walked into the bush.

The female walked straight to a warthog hole so I parked the land cruiser a few meters away from her just incase something exciting would happen. Finally, the female tapped with her front paw on the outside of the hole and just then a big warthog rushed out of the hole and into the claws and jaws of the lioness.

We could not have asked for a better position to witness this kill. The male then came and took the prey away from her and started eating. I will never be able to explain the adrenalin running through my veins when we experienced this and I know that my guests will remember that for the rest of their lives. It was perfect timing – it is really all about being at the right place and time.

Janco du Plessis

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