The rain decided to bucket down onto the thirsty African soils this afternoon. I had a handful of brave guests and we braved the cold weather and slippery roads to see what we could find.

As expected in this weather, the drive started of quietly, until a couple of rocks turned out to be rhinos. We moved closer towards them and they couldn’t be less fazed by our presence. Both resting quietly as only their ears moved with the sounds around them.

Afterwards, we came across a lioness moving across the road behind us. She moved quickly through the bush so we lost her very quickly. In the process of trying to find her again, she came out of the bush and walked down the road closely followed by her two cubs. With that she led us directly to a fresh kill that was no further than 20 metres from the road, lay down and allowed the cubs to have their fill.

Since we already had a couple of great sightings at that point, we decided to head back, and were very happy we braved the weather and made it successful.

Jacques Beukes – Kapama River Lodge
12 Oct 2012

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