Yesterday’s afternoon safari started off with an African rock python lying along a branch in an acacia tree. We were alerted to it’s presence by a flock of White crowned shrikes putting up quite a noisy racket. A while later they were joined by a tree squirrel which didn’t like the presence of the snake either and also made alarm for all to hear. The python was only around a meter long, still a very young snake, but a very real threat to something as small as the birds and squirrels. The interesting thing was that from the ground it was very hard to see and only the other animals’ alarm calls made us notice it in the first place. On the Safari we were helped also by a herd of impala that gave away the position of two female lions and three cubs, with their typical alarm calls. Another classic scenario is the Grey Go- Away Bird alerting animals of human presence. Goes to show … alarm calls and other noises in the bush are always worth investigating, as they may hold very pleasant surprises.


Sebastiaan J.v.Vuuren

Senior Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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