What is the purpose of the lions roaring?

Apart from communicating with members of the pride which may be spread over a large area, roaring is a way of warning other lions that the area or territory is occupied. Despite general belief, both males and females roar. Lions roar in different situations. It often appears to happen spontaneously, but is often as a result of a reply to a distant call that we as humans aren’t able to hear. Lions tend to call more often at night than during the day as sound travels further in cooler temperatures. A lion’s roar can be heard up to eight kilometres away.

Do lions have a repertoire of different roars?

Lions are capable of a very impressive variety of sounds such as moans, grunts, snarls, growls and roars. Cubs can make meowing sounds and can also purr. Grunts are mainly used by lionesses when calling their cubs.

Tim: Senior Ranger

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