Finally the rain has found us here at Kapama, after lots of threatening clouds and little drizzles. Unfortunately it happened just before I closed down from my game drive. Luckily my guests were not to be put down by some water, especially not after what we saw this evening.

First we went to look for some elephants and after a bit of tracking we found them on the road. Two of the calves were playing in front of us, chasing each other, birds and whatever they could find to chase. The rest of the herd ignored them as they were too busy feeding, breaking trees and branches as they went along.

After that we went to go look for a male lion, we had already seen females but not yet an impressive male. Just before we got to the sighting the lion was lost, he went into some very thick bush. With nothing but a description of which way he was heading and where he was last seen I set out to go and look for him. It took us a while in the dark, but in the end we got to a clearing and in the distance we saw the tell tale glare of lion eyes reflecting out lights. We found them, two adult lionesses and a big lion.
Story by: Roel Van Muiden-Kapama River Lodge Ranger