We are all eagerly waiting for the first rains to fall in the reserve as at the end of the past winter the bush is particularly sparse and arid this year. The insects and frogs must know that the long dry spell is at an end because all of a sudden the summer insects are showing themselves in force. They seem to know that the rain is on its way.

We witnessed some heavy rain laden clouds on the horizon during the last couple of days but unfortunately no rain has fallen as yet. Even the trees and flowers seem to know that the rain is imminent as they are all starting to bloom as well. Plant’s such as the blood lily are blooming in great masses throughout the bush. The first thunderstorm of the rainy season is always a great treat to us ranger’s and we always feel like the bush has been reborn and everything can start off fresh and new again. We continue to eagerly scan the horizon on a daily basis in the hope that the much needed rains will fall soon.

By Johan Kruger

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