We have been blessed with some much needed and refreshing rain over the last couple of days.
This of course will ensure that the trees and grasses out here will go green and provide nutritious food for all the herbivores in the bush.
On our very wet evening game drive, my tracker and I found and followed some very fresh lion tracks; a tracker plays a very important role in looking for tracks and signs and eventually, tracking and finding the animals out here in the bush.
Not too long after following these tracks we found two lionesses and one sub-adult lion with a blue wildebeest kill that they have successfully managed to make.
This was a very sizeable kill and could last these lions a good couple of days if they can keep the scavengers such as hyena, jackal and vultures at a distance.
All in all it was a wet, but rewarding game drive.
Wayne – Kapama River Lodge

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