This morning while out on drive we had found a very fresh rhino dung midden with some very fresh tracks. I jumped out of the vehicle explaining to my French guests what was going on and explained a couple of interesting facts on our find.

The tracks were heading in a western direction from where we were and we decided to check the road just to our west. I climbed back into the vehicle and we were heading for that road, when all of a sudden a female rhino and her calf came dashing up the road towards us at high speed!! There was not enough time to reverse and get out of their way.

Rhino mothers can be quite unpredictable and I had to hit the side panel of the door to make them aware of us. Reacting to the loud sound as their eye-sight is not the best, the two rhino stopped dead in their tracks, and presented a perfect photo opportunity for the guests. The two of them stood there for a couple of minutes and then headed back into the bush.

Once again it turned out to be a great sighting, and the guests where very happy that they managed to get some real good photographs.

Story by : Calvin Du Plessis_ Kapama River Lodge Ranger.

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