People often mistake the life of a male lion as a very luxurious affair, but to the contrary it is quite the opposite. We often see the male lion sleeping and dozing the whole day while the females do all the hunting and raise the cubs. Life as a young male starts out nice, with the mother protecting and feeding the cubs, but as soon as they reach adolescence and start to show interest in a female the wheel drastically turns. When this occurs the dominant male/males will chase their son/sons out of the pride to fend for themselves. The next few years are extremely difficult and only a handful of young males will survive this period. The lucky survivors might team up with their brothers to form a coalition and finally challenge another dominant male or even their father for a pride. Sometimes the combined efforts of two or even three young males are not enough to defeat a large, powerful and experienced male. The privilege to be a dominant male lion is not a right but has to be earned through hardship and bloodshed.



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