On a warm afternoon safari, my tracker and I decided to try and find a pride of lions that had been spotted earlier that day. We call this specific pride the Moria pride as their territory runs mostly in an area that we call Moria.

As we started tracking, we came across many other animals such as Impala, Zebra, Giraffe, Duiker, Wildebeest, etc. It was my guests’ first drive and they were fascinated at the variety of animals despite the dryness of our winters. I explained to them that they, as humans do, adapt what they eat in order to receive the best nutritional intake.

As the sun was setting, someone had found the pride of lions – a male, one of the three females and the three older cubs that we have. The other two females must have been with the new cubs that are around one month old, or so we thought.

After I had responded, there was no one else that wanted to come and view the lions so we sat their and watched how the three cubs were playing with each other in the road. After about five minutes, out comes one of the brand new little babies.

He came out of the bushes as if he was one of the older cubs and started biting and tackling his older siblings. Little did he know, his brother and sisters are a little stronger than he thought. Despite this, he did not back down. The three older cubs were pushing him around and dragging him by his tale but the little one just growled and bit back, as if he was the strongest of all the cubs.

I found this amazing and inspiring. This shows us that nature can be about teaching lessons but it can also be about fun and games at the same time.

Kim (KC) – Kapama River Lodge

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