The Smaller Things…

Sun and warmth have returned to Kapama after multiple days of overcast skies and cold weather; just in time for a new set of guests to enjoy our bushveld. After driving around in the wind and cold there isn’t anything that beats a nice leisurely game drive viewing the smaller side to safari. When the day is warm, afternoon game drive is best spent near and around water holes, dams, and pans. Animals like giraffe, nyala, kudu, rhino, and buffalo come down to drink and revel in the warmth just as much as we do.

Game drive this evening consisted of a fantastic sighting of giraffe browsing and drinking, two handsome male nyala meandering slowly around a dam as the sun set in the west in a splendour of color only glimpsed here in South Africa, four rhinos grazing slowly in the bushes, and a sundowner complete with pearl spotted owlet calls, cricket chirps, and Amarula. A white-backed vulture returned to a nest carrying dinner for the young just as we came to a halt for our short break. And as we began again hippos called out in laughter from their watery home and allowed us an up close and personal viewing of their young one. A short tracking session for lion ended with a great sighting of smaller spotted genet and a civet hunting close to the vehicle. All this and a delicious 5-Star meal cooked when we returned to River Lodge.

There’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the smaller things in life…it couldn’t be better!

By Noelle DiLorenzl

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