We started of our drive this morning following a female leopard’s spoor who had passed through the lodge during the early hours of this morning. Unfortunately we never caught up with her, but the whole experience of tracking her was fun and exiting. It is normally very disappointing to know a leopard was right here under our noses, but we couldn’tmanage to find it…. anyway, that is how it goes with leopard. Luckily we had one of those exceptional mornings where we seemed to find animals around every corner, and this more than made up for the bit of disappointment with our spotted cat earlier.

We eventually responded to a lion sighting, and as we pulled in some buffalo decided to “burst” onto the scene much to the delight of my guests. There was some very nice interaction as the buffalo chased the lions around where-after the typical stand-off ensued. After a wile the lions moved off into a drainage line, and the buffalo went the opposite direction. Some awesome action on a beautiful morning.

Wile leaving the buffalo and lion sighting we came across a pair of rhino and a big herd of giraffe to end our fantastic drive…. There is just no telling what to expect or what might happen out there, and that is just the way we love it!!!

Westley Lombard – Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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