Yet another adventurous game drive on Kapama! There are so many different things to see on Kapama and so many can be seen on one single safari. For instance we came across a bull elephant that was browsing peacefully close to a water hole. There were a large termite mount in front of him and he was making his way to it. Then, all of a sudden, he carefully laid himself down on the slope of the termite mount and decided to take a quick “power-nap”. After a few minutes he stood up and continued his journey to the water hole. Something uncommon to witness on a game drive as elephants don’t often lie down. They are in fact too heavy and if they are down for too long they can actually crush their own organs. Therefore this was an extremely special sighting.

After that we continued with our drive and saw two male waterbuck proudly testing their strength against each other to impress a female standing close by. Some buffalo soaking in a waterhole basking in the afternoon sun, two very relaxed white rhino following the road towards a nice open feeding spot and so the list of endless opportunity continues.

And then to top off a spectacular afternoon while driving along towards a sundowner spot, a lioness with three young cubs came trotting up along the road. The cubs were trying their best to get the mothers attention. But little did they know she had other intentions for the night. She was eagerly looking for a safe location where she could keep her cubs while spent the night hunting in order to provide her cubs with food. We stayed fresh on her tail until they stopped at a waterhole in the road to drink. But the one cub was more fascinated by the black tip of the mother’s tail moving about as she drank. He gave one sudden leap for her tail and missed falling into the puddle of water. As cats are not fond of water the tiny cub was very unimpressed and disappeared into the long grass forcing the mother and the other cubs to follow. We watched as they vanished into the night and left them at peace to continue the drive. What a day of amazing sightings leaving us with an unforgettable experience.

Jani – Kapama River Lodge

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