Some interesting facts about interesting things that we don’t see too often. For example FISH. We don’t see them on drive, we know they are there, but some people are unaware of them.

First of all, fish are cold blooded (ectothermic) – they do not regulate their own heat. They play a great ecological role, such as; they regulate the amount of bacteria and algae in dams or rivers and they also serve as a very big food source.

But what I find most interesting is their swim bladder.

The swim bladder is what they use to keep them sinking by secreting gas into the swim bladder via a gas gland. Gas from the blood is moved into the gas gland and when they need to sink they release gas and when they need to rise they secrete gas. Some fish are a bit more basic and rely on getting gas by surfacing, grabbing air and releasing air. These fish generally can’t go as deep into the water as the more advanced fish.

Even though they are “below the surface”, they are still there and serve an extremely important purpose in nature.

Jakes – Kapama River Lodge

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