Alarm calls of different animals can tell amazing stories and give away the location of the most elusive predators. Whilst on game drive this afternoon we had an experience where the alarm calls of a troop of baboons gave away the location of a female leopard. We were on our routine sundowners break when my tracker and I heard the baboons go ballistic.

Shortly after their show, we heard a “coughing” sound frequently described as the uneven sawing sound produced by inexpert handling of a two-handed crosscut saw. We were sure those baboons had been stressing the fact that there was leopard in the area.

We let the guests finish their relaxing drinks break without telling them about the potential surprise that lay a head. After packing up and getting everyone settled on the vehicle we set out in the direction of the audio we had just heard. As we were closing in on the area where we thought the audio had come from, we were able to confirm she was in the area as we heard some bushbuck also giving alarm calls. Shortly after we stopped to listen to the alarm calls, she graced us with her presence as she crossed the road in front of us, giving us a great sighting of this beautiful cat.

F.W de Klerk – Kapama River Lodge

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