Kapama is an extremely unique and beautiful reserve, owing to the several lodges that are situated around the property. Each lodge is different to the rest and has its own unique qualities and facilities. The last few months Kapama has been building a fifth camp called Southern Camp which we are proud and excited to say opened today. For us the opening of the new lodge was not about the beauty of having a new camp but rather the dropping of the fences around the new piece of property and the movements of the animals from one side to the other. Animals require large spaces to move about and migrate to different areas of grazing when grazing in a certain area becomes diminished. The bonus of opening a new reserve to the game is that the property is in abundance with nutrient rich vegetation. Antelope will move in followed shortly by predators. On this particular morning we were blessed with all three of South Africa’s big cats, leopard, lion and cheetah, just 25 minutes into our drive. We as the rangers are excited to experience the new area and the game’s reaction to this space.



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