One of the best things about the start of spring is that a lot of the summer migrant birds start to make their way back into sunny South Africa, especially here around Kapama.
So I was blessed with my new guests that checked in today as they are all really keen birders and were loving the game drive as we saw some awesome sightings like the amazing Yellow-billed kite who migrates more into the Northern parts of Southern Africa during the colder months then moves further south as it starts to get warmer.
We were also really lucky to get a brief glimpse of the stunning Southern Carmine Beeater and even a Walberg’s eagle which was absolutely wonderful.

For any people who love birding, now is the time to make your way to the Lowveld as you will be blown back by the amazing birds that are starting to make their way back to South Africa.
Story by:Calvin Du Plessis-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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