It was a lovely afternoon when we started with our safari, which nowadays seems quite short. Sometimes you may think that, by looking at the weather, it would be easy to find animals so we decided to make our way to a nearby waterhole. What we found was more than we could imagine.

There was a big herd of elephants, a herd of buffalo, and a couple of rhinos together at the waterhole drinking water. This means that we have “killed three birds with one stone” – we had found three of the notorious Big 5. We sat with them for a while, watching how they behave. While watching them, far west of the waterhole we saw a pied kingfisher busy hovering trying to catch a small fish.

After this successful drive, the sun started to touch the mountain and the guests were all really happy with the sighting. So we decided to stop for nice, relaxing sundowner while watching the sun set over the Drakensberg Mountains.


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