With the large amount of rain we’ve had you can just imagine how good the bush is looking at the moment! All the waterholes are full , the trees full of life and the grass almost human height! The elephant herd has been really happy with the amount of water in the waterholes, as they can now swim and completely submerge themselves in the water, which is a pretty good cool-down for thick skinned animals as they are.

 Even for a buffalo herd it is not uncommon to find them in the late afternoon, lying up in one of the waterholes on the reserve cooling down, and on some of them the only thing that is visible is the head!

The predators are also enjoying this time of plenty as the whole bush is full of young and inexperienced animals offering the lions and other predators relatively easy pickings compared to the dryer winter months where the visibility is good and finding prey without being spotted first is quite difficult.

For anyone and anything involved truly a magical time on Kapama.


Head Ranger

Kapama Lodge

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