Our drive started off with a bang as we found a herd of elephants crossing one of the roads, unfortunately the visual of this wonderful sighting only lasted a few minutes as they disappeared into the thickets. After all the great action we had from the elephants the drive became rather slow as we picked up some female leopard tracks not far from where we saw the elephants. Trying to get this leopard only led us back to the same place as we started. It was a bit annoying for myself and everyone on board the vehicle. This took us about 2 hours but with no avail. We decided to call it a day and head on home as it was dinner time back at the lodge when we were informed about 4 female lionesses has made an appearance near the River Lodge on the road. We struggled to follow the directions at the sighting as the lion was on the move and it was dark. We eventually found them and it was a beautiful sighting but what happened next no one expected to happen. These lions started prowling and searching for something that was in the nearby bushes as they had picked up a scent of some sort. We were all alone in the dark with these 4 hungry lions. We could hear a pin drop it was that quiet. The next moment a scuffle from the bush right next to us and the sound of lions running…. Squeal, squeal they had just hunted a warthog and was had for dinner right in front of us. What a way to end a drive. My guests could not believe their eyes. All I could say was welcome to Africa.

By: Eduan Balt – River Lodge Ranger

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