We all too often focus on nothing more then the big 5 and larger mammals that we so often forget all about the smaller things in life. How many times on a game drive do you come upon a dung beetle working hard to get that ball of dung to a specific destination? And how many of us ask the question, why do they do that?

Male dung beetles are the ones that roll the dung in neat compact balls. They don’t do this for fun or because their name suggests it. These males are actually in he process of making a wedding gift to present to the female. Females are very specific when it comes to picking a dung ball and they will only choose the best, as soon as the female has made her decision she will attach herself to the ball and stay there no matter what. Males on the other hand have got to cope with choosing the right direction, the obstacles he must cross and thieves that might steal the ball of dung and the female along with it. They use sun compass navigation to prevent moving in circles, and as soon as they have picked a destination as to where they will bury the dung ball, the male and female will mate; dig a hole for the dung ball and the female will lay only a single egg in the dung. This is then buried after the baby will hate and crawl out of the dung ball to begin its life above ground.



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