It all started one afternoon; we left the lodge at 4:30pm. It was my guests’ first safari in Africa so we stopped at all the smaller things such as impala and their new babies. As we went on I heard on the radio that they had found a leopard lying on top of a termite mound and it was very relaxed – a rare occurrence for these elusive creatures. So I decided to make my way there and try our luck.

When we got there, we saw her lying sleeping on top of the termite mound. Luckily for us, no one else was interested for about half an hour; time well spent with this amazing animal. After we left the leopard we came across three white rhino in the road walking straight towards us. We watched as they carried on with their grazing, not even turning in our direction as if we were invisible.

When we left the rhinos we made our way to an open area for our traditional sundowner stops where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Drakensberg mountains. On our way back, very unexpectedly, another female leopard crossed the road in front of us and we followed her to a nearby dam where she had some water. Thereafter, she disappeared into the thick bush. Nevertheless, we were all amazed at the sightings we had just had over the last three hours.

What a way to start an experience in Africa.

Bryan – Kapama River Lodge

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