Most people come to Africa expecting to see only animals, mainly the big five. But there is so much more to experience and enjoy about the bush that people don’t realize until pointed out to them. Tonight on drive I decided to stop in an open area called Masoto Plains for a usual sun down drinks. This particular area is one of the most spectacular areas as there is always an abundance of animals and bird life. To top off this unique and beautiful area for game viewing, it also over looks the Drakensberg mountains in the west and the sun sets just behind them. I had stopped just before the sun reached the tops of the mountains and set up the drinks. The guests were so preoccupied admiring the vast numbers of game on the plains that they almost missed this incredible African sunset. Once I had pointed it out the guests fell quiet for about 20min without so much as a word, all staring out over the savannah with the game in front of them and then sunset in the back round. It was such a treat to realize just how much the guests had enjoyed this. People always say there is nothing quite like an African sunset.



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