On one of my game drives with my guests, I had responded to a sighting of a pride of lions. Unfortunately, when I arrived they had lost visual. Determined to show my guests these lions, I stayed in the area to try and relocate.

As I was driving in the bush, I saw some movement in front of us. I thought it was the lions but to my surprise it was a herd of zebra and wildebeest busy grazing, unaware of the presence of the lions. As soon as they realized that there was danger in the area they ran in different directions.

Unfortunately for one male wildebeest, he ran in the wrong direction – straight towards the male lion. It was the end of his journey in the wild. The male lion jumped straight onto the wildebeest’s neck trying to pull him down and suffocate him. The two female lionesses soon joined in and helped the male bring down their meal.

My guests were so excited and surprised at what they had just seen. It was a rare sighting that I am sure they will remember.

Harry – Kapama River Lodge

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