Today like so many other days, I was reminded just how incredible nature is. Everything has a place and purpose out there. And some how somewhere everything is connected. I think Mufasa, Samba’s dad in the Lion King explains that so well. He explains how everything forms a part of the circle of life.


The antelope (herbivores) eat the grass, the lions eat the antelope and the lions become part of the grass. I think that says it all.


This morning I had to try and explain this to my guest as we witnessed four lionesses kill a warthog from start to finish. It was a whole lot of emotions mixed together. It was sad yet exciting and entertaining. To see something being killed and ripped to pieces makes even the toughest of us weak at the knees. One life gets taken for the next one to survive.


We were very fortunate to have witnessed this. From the warthog’s squeal, to the lionesses fighting over the scraps. Over all everyone was very happy and moved by the experience. They all got their “National Geographic” moment.


We left the lions sleeping flat cat under a tree after all the excitement had passed. We made our way back to the lodge, our minds filled with memories of what just happened and questions of where exactly we fit into The Circle of Life!

Story by: Marilize Minnaar-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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