It was the afternoon drive and my tracker and I decided to try and find the herd of elephants for our guest. The elephants have been quite difficult to find in the last month as they have been browsing in one of the areas on Kapama with very dense vegetation. One of the other rangers found them on the road and as we responded we came across some hippos out of the water amongst a herd of buffalo. What a rare sighting… we were so amazed that we forgot to take pictures!.

In the past I  have seen  a young hippo baby exploring the new surroundings out of the water, and again a couple of old buffalo males were close by. The baby decided to have a better look up close and to all our surprise the buffalo also showed interest in the hippo calf,  for a moment it looked like they were kissing, but most probably just smelling each other. The baby then went behind the buffalo male,  lifted up his tale with it’s nose,  and then ran for safety of the water as the buffalo turned around and chased her. Again no camera,  but a memory that will last forever.

You just never no what you will find out there, and thats exactly why we don’t get bored , because no two days in the bush are ever the same.

By:Hendrik Erasmus-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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