We set off this morning with rhinos and hippos in mind – two of the three biggest animals on the reserve. We were not long into our drive when we come across some fresh dung and spoor of some rhinos.
We decide to start following the spoor to see where it would take us and as we are driving around, we see that we are getting closer as the spoor seemed to be getting fresher and fresher. After driving around for a while, we were disappointed to see the spoor disappear into a thick block of bush. We decided that the best option then was to go around and see they had come out on the other side. To our surprise, we drove into a herd of buffalo, who were accompanied by the rhinos! This was awesome! It is very rare to see 2 of the big 5 animals together. After a while, we decided to leave them to go and try our luck, finding some hippos down at a watering hole. As we get closer to a watering hole, we see that unfortunately, the hippos are not there. As we were moving away from the water, we had some more luck – we happened to bump a hippo outside of the water! This was an incredible sighting as you hardly ever see hippos out of the water! This has to be one of my most memorable drives that I have ever done!

Story by J.T (River Lodge)

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