After almost three years of not seeing them, we happen to be lucky to have them visiting Kapama – this is what some call the cape hunting dog or painted dogs. The common name, the African wild dog. It is always great to see this highly endangered animal but especially when we get to witness what they do best – hunting.

We were following the wild dogs while they were chasing some impala up and down. They eventually caught one and started eating while the impala was still fighting back. Unfortunately, the impala could not get away and the dogs managed to kill another. However, it was still amazing to see how just 14 wild dogs finished, not one, but two fully grown impalas in just 30 minutes.

We were so excited so we tried to follow them further as they finished their meal. Unfortunately, the bush got rather thick so we decided to leave them in peace. What a sighting it was. This was truly something that other rangers would only dream to see.

Nelson – Kapama River Lodge

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