We started off this morning with a light drizzle coming down , nothing much so we decided to grab our rain coats and gear so that we could head out see what we can find. We weren’t expecting to see too much as we know what it can be like in the rain.

As we go along to a dam to go see if we can find some hippos, we came across some lion tracks but we were convinced that it is not fresh so we push on to the dam where we found a few hippos. We were having a good time sitting and watching the hippos when we got some audio of a male lion not too far away. We decided to head in that direction but as I start the car to back up, my tracker spots this male lion about 20 metres from us coming to the water. We were all very surprised to see him in the rain. As he got closer we see a female in the distance. This was truly amazing but it was not the end.

As we left the lions, we started to head back to the lodge and on our way back we came across a female rhino and her baby; they were not moving much because of the rain, trying to keep warm. This was a nice a day in the African bush, or rain I would say. This brings me to say, never underestimate the African bush.

JT – Kapama River Lodge