This morning when I woke up, I walked to my cruiser ready for game drive and I heard the big male lion roar not far from River Lodge.

When I got to the lodge and met my guests, all excited, I told them they must get into the vehicle so that we can go and look for something special.

We went straight to the area where I heard him roaring. We found the tracks of the big male and female lions and after a few minutes of tracking, we found the lions lying in the middle of the road sleeping peacefully. My guests and I were very happy to see the lions being so relaxed.

The guests were very lucky to see the lions so quickly on their morning game drive.

Always remember that you never know what you can see in the wild.

The thing about nature is that some days you can drive for hours and hours without seeing anything. Although it is there, it is not always possible to find it. There are also other days where you only drive for 10 minutes and see everything wild.

Janco Du Plessis – Kapama River Lodge

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